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The Scholarship of Love

Over the centuries, scholarship and studies of love have produced an enormous number of different publications. The 20th century was especially prolific in this regard.

In the 21st century, researchers in several scientific disciplines have actively engaged in empirical explorations of love and relationships across many cultures. This area of scholarship and practice is growing in the number and diversity of topics from truly international perspectives.

The Goals of This Website

The scholarship and research on love from a cross-cultural perspective are still piecemeal, patchy, and scattered across a variety of publications and other media sources. They are difficult to find. Therefore,

  • The first goal of this website is to serve as an international resource for scholars and researchers all over the world.
  • The second goal of this website is to improve the scientific literacy and cross-cultural awareness of the general public in the domain of love and relationships.

This Website Presents:

  • Extensive collections of articles, comments, vocabulary, and other materials on love and culture.
  • Nonjudgmental reviews of scholarship on love and relationships from cross-cultural perspectives.
  • Reviews of international scholarly perspectives on love and relationships across cultures.
  • Reviews of love research and application from a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective.