About Resources for Love Research

The scholarly blog “Love and Relationships across Cultures” presents International Resources for Researchers and the General Public interested in love research. This website with resources is administered by the International Institute of Love Studies.

If you have any questions or comments concerning these resources, you may contact the Institute of Love Studies at <love.studies.institute@gmail.com>.

The compilation of these international resources on love studies is a collaborative contribution from many authors around the world. Victor Karandashev is the manager and one of the authors of this blog resource.

Dr. Victor Karandashev is Professor of Psychology with extensive international and cross-cultural experience and interests.

He has conducted research on international and cross-cultural psychology in several European countries, the U.K., and the U.S.A. The studies of love and culture are the major areas of his research interests.

He has published many articles, chapters, and monographs on the topic of love and culture. His recent books Romantic Love in Cultural Contexts (2017), Cross-Cultural Perspectives on the Experience and Expression of Love (2019), Cultural Models of Emotions (2021), and Cultural Typologies of Love (2022) are among the most distinguished interdisciplinary contributions to the field.