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These Experiments Show Why Equality Is Bad or Looks Bad

Victor Karandashev

Many modern societies have made great strides toward implementing social policies and practices that promote social equality. However, cultural values of equality spread more rapidly in some nations than in others. Significant progress toward social equality, for example, has occurred relatively quickly […]

These Experiments Show Hidden Reasons Why Privileged Social Classes Can Be Against Equality

Victor Karandashev

The social policies and practices of social equality have progressed significantly in many contemporary societies. People in some countries, such as Scandinavia and other North European countries, adopted equality cultural values more quickly and easily than in others. However, in the United […]

Free Scandinavian Love

Victor Karandashev

For many Scandinavians, love is a free relationship between independent individuals. Their national cultural ideas and policies of freedom, independence, and equality in interpersonal relations encourage their culture of love. The free Scandinavian love in the countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and […]