Love and Sex in Bedouin Culture

Love and sex are closely intertwined in the Western culture of love as well as across many cultures, especially in societies with simple tribal cultures (Karandashev, 2017, 2019). So, scholars generally assumed that sex and sexual intercourse were the primary … Continue reading

The Two Meanings of Love in Bedouin Culture

The field study of relationships in Bedouin culture, conducted by American anthropologist Dr. Deborah Wickering (1997), uncovered a diversity of love conceptions in those cultural groups. Bedouins distinguish two kinds of love: ilhub and ralya. What Kind of Love Does … Continue reading

What Kind of Partners Do Men and Women Prefer to Love and Marry?

Would you marry someone who is beautiful or handsome, kind, smart, honest, dependable, and industrious, as well as having many other qualities you desire in a mate, but you are not in love with her or him? What do men … Continue reading

How Mate Preferences Have Changed Over Recent Decades

Common laypeople’s observations may show that human mate preferences remain consistent over time. Have mating preferences changed over recent decades? Nevertheless, the changes in society’s cultural norms still affected mating preferences. In many countries, societies have evolved: People in modernized … Continue reading

Sexy Voice for Interpersonal Attraction

Multisensory perception is important for interpersonal attraction and love. And women and men who are physically attractive may appear differently in different cultures. Men and women not only look at their partners with admiration but also come closer, speak, sing, … Continue reading

Attractive Personality Traits for Relationship

Several articles on this blog have covered a wide range of physical and socioeconomic characteristics that people in various cultures search for in potential mating partners. The last article demonstrated how the stereotype “what-is-beautiful-is-good” makes us believe in many other … Continue reading

What Physical Attractiveness Tells about Personality Traits

We like to talk to and have a relationship with beautiful and physically attractive men and women. Their physical attractiveness is pleasant for interpersonal communication. What is their personality like? Do pleasant or unpleasant personality traits predispose us to perceive … Continue reading

The Culturally High Emotional Expressiveness of Love

The studies presented in this article show that high levels of emotional expressiveness have become culturally normative forms of self-expression in modern societies. Multiple studies throughout the decades have reported numerous cross-cultural findings on how physical types of appearance, such … Continue reading