Brazilian love

The expected challenges of Brazilian marital relationships

Traditional gender roles in marriage, familism, and respectful relationships are the cultural values that Brazilian couples strive to live by in cooperation and trust. In many families, husband and wife coexist as partners bound together by their family responsibilities, fulfilment of marital […]

What is interesting for us in the Brazilian lexicon of love?

Love and marriage in Brazil have a fascinating history that has been influenced by conquest and slavery during the early European settlements.The following European connections had a substantial impact on the development of Brazilian society, communities, and families. Being a former Portuguese […]

The Brazilian views on passionate love and true love

The Brazilian Portuguese word “amor,” which means “love,” refers to a wide range of beliefs, feelings, emotions, attitudes, and behaviors that characterize gender relationships, sexual encounters, and emotional connections. The challenges, however, arise when people distinguish between the “paixao” and the “amor” […]