arranged marriages

The Golden Age of Love Marriage in Western Societies

Love marriage appears to be a valuable cultural value in many countries throughout Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as many other modernized societies around the world. However, it was not always true in history. In the 20th century, […]

Cultural evolution from arranged marriages to love marriages

The cultural evolution of marriages coincides with the evolution of societies from traditional collectivistic societies to modern individualistic societies. This evolution was fueled by certain ecological, economic, and social factors, such as increased social mobility, economic wealth, and others. All these circumstances […]

Changing views on divorce in modern Pakistani culture


For generations, Pakistani families and marriages have been endogamous. Their parents or other family elders arranged their children’s marriages. These were the “arranged marriages.” Currently, marriage is still a family affair in Pakistan. Despite modernization, arranged marriages are still widespread. Parents and […]

The fusion of love into arranged marriages in Pakistan

Traditionally, Pakistani families were formed by arranged marriages. Most of them were endogamous marriages, when parents or other senior family members arranged marriages between the groom and the bride within the same extended family or community clan. Consanguineous marriages ensured the family’s […]