Nicaraguan culture

What does marital love really look like in a rural Nicaraguan town?

In the traditional patriarchal rural communities of Nicaraguan society, the conservative values of gender inequality and Latin American cultural norms heavily influence feelings about love, relationships, and marriage. Romantic love, in accordance with the Latin American stereotypes of “machismo” and “marianismo,” plays […]

Gender relations in the Latin American “macho” patriarchy

The feelings about love, relationships, and marriage in Latin American societies are heavily influenced by traditional patriarchal norms, rural conservatism, and gender inequality. In rural areas of the country, more than in urban areas. The cultural ideas and stereotypes of “machismo” and […]

What is “romantic” in the Latin American love of Nicaraguan men and women?

The cultural practices of Nicaraguan love have many specifics related to the country’s patriarchal way of life and gender inequality in relationships and marriages. Gender inequalities are prevalent in traditional patriarchal societies. However, gender relations in Latin American countries and Nicaragua are […]

When love needs to be divided: The case study of Nicaraguan families

Patriarchal cultures are still widespread in many countries across the world. These are usually traditional societies. Classical patriarchy is characterized by inequalities between men and women. Men take dominant positions in the family, while women are in submissive positions. Despite such inequality, […]

Unexpected gender roles in family structure in Nicaragua

Across cultural history, patriarchal systems have been common in many human societies. Gender inequality has been typical of such patriarchal cultures. It is still widely present in many traditional societies in the world. Gender inequality in patriarchal societies, however, has cultural variations […]

The strangely gendered relationship of Nicaraguan men and women

Sex differences between men and women are commonly known for several biological characteristics. The long history of gender inequality has shaped their social and psychological differences in many patriarchal societies. There is no doubt that these different sexual and gender roles are […]