multicultural societies

Cultural Evolution of Spanish Beauty

Many people, especially anthropologists, want to know if the characteristics of beauty are cross-culturally universal or they are culturally specific to certain nations.  The attributes of special scholarly interest are people’s physicality, including various features of their faces and bodies. Anthropologists examine […]

Intercultural relationships for status exchange

Several theories of interracial romantic and marital relationships have been developed in sociology and social psychology. Among those are the theories of status-caste exchange, the opportunity theory, the theories of ethnic identity and interpersonal development. In-group versus out-group impediments to intercultural marriages […]

Who is a multicultural person?

Intercultural encounters and cultural mixing Social mixing, cross-cultural, and inter-cultural connections in multicultural countries, states, and residential areas are conducive to the development of multicultural minds and personalities. These can be multi-national, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, and multi-faith neighborhood communities. People of different cultural […]

What is the multicultural diversity of countries?

Cultures are commonly associated with certain territories and countries. And cultural borders are viewed as clearly recognizable national, state, or tribal boundaries. These are not quite correct representations of what cultures are. Many countries in the world are more culturally diverse than […]