interpersonal perception in love

Physically Attractive Men and Women in Different Cultures

Many men and women expect to get into mating or sexual relationships with partners who are “physically attractive,” “looking good enough,” or at least “not bad looking.” Many cultures recognize the cultural significance of women’s feminine beauty to men. Nevertheless, the masculine […]

Attractive Personality Traits for Relationship

Several articles on this blog have covered a wide range of physical and socioeconomic characteristics that people in various cultures search for in potential mating partners. The last article demonstrated how the stereotype “what-is-beautiful-is-good” makes us believe in many other positive personality […]

The Culturally High Emotional Expressiveness of Love

The studies presented in this article show that high levels of emotional expressiveness have become culturally normative forms of self-expression in modern societies. Multiple studies throughout the decades have reported numerous cross-cultural findings on how physical types of appearance, such as skin, […]