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Can Sharing Bad News Improve Close Relationships?

Victor Karandashev

Men and women in close relationships hope to experience joyful and optimistic times together. They are happy to share everything good that happens in their lives. The people close to them are happy to hear the good news. It is widely held […]

These Experiments Show Why Equality Is Bad or Looks Bad

Victor Karandashev

Many modern societies have made great strides toward implementing social policies and practices that promote social equality. However, cultural values of equality spread more rapidly in some nations than in others. Significant progress toward social equality, for example, has occurred relatively quickly […]

Several Effective Flirtation Tactics in Norwegian and American Cultures

Victor Karandashev

Flirting is the art of seducing a potential romantic or sexual partner through playful verbal and nonverbal exchanges. A variety of factors, such as the gender of a person, his or her attractiveness, personality traits, and situational context, contribute to the success […]

Emoji Love and Other Emotions in the Virtual World

Victor Karandashev

In modern culture, it seems easy to guess what “heart” and especially “red heart” mean. Guess what? Love! So, the corresponding symbols are common in modern virtual world. The emoji ❤️ adopted the same meaning social media messages. The red heart emoji is […]

The Measurement Pitfalls of Research Designs in Cultural Studies of Religions

Victor Karandashev

Cross-cultural comparability and generalizability are the problems that come up in religious studies and need to be solved for scientific progress (Karandashev, 2021a; Karandashev et al., 2022; Fischer, 2022). When studying behavioral and social phenomena in various populations and religious contexts, culture […]

Unexpected Conceptual Challenges in Cultural Studies of Religions

Victor Karandashev

Cultural studies of religions encounter the problems of cross-cultural comparability and generalizability, which need to be resolved for further scientific progress in this field (Karandashev, 2021a; Karandashev et al., 2022; Fischer, 2022). Culture matters when we study behavioral and social phenomena in […]