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What Makes American, French, and German Communication Styles Unique?

People from the Western cultures of the United States, France, and Germany have many common values, yet they are different in their communication styles, interpersonal interaction, and emotionality. Scholars who study cultures and compare them have spent a long time looking at […]

The 6 Distinctive Features of the German Expressive Style of Communication

Western European societies have some similarities in cultural characteristics. This is why they belong to so-called Western cultures. However, they differ from the North American Western culture of the United States. For example, their cultural values of individualism are fairly different (Karandashev, […]

The 9 Distinctive Features of the French Expressive Style of Communication

Several western European cultures are quite different from the North American culture of the USA. Even though they are all presumably Western cultures, they differ in several respects in communication styles. Americans are known internationally as loud, talkative, direct, and assertive communicators. […]