Did Personal Beauty Matter in Sexual Selection among Savages?

Modern theories of sexual selection have stressed the importance of physical beauty for mating preferences in contemporary societies. However, according to early studies, physical appearance is of greater importance for men looking for women than for women looking for men. … Continue reading

Physically Attractive Men and Women in Different Cultures

Many men and women expect to get into mating or sexual relationships with partners who are “physically attractive,” “looking good enough,” or at least “not bad looking.” Many cultures recognize the cultural significance of women’s feminine beauty to men. Nevertheless, … Continue reading

Cultural Features of Mangaian Romantic Love

Early anthropological studies portrayed the sexual culture of Polynesian love. Those studies downplayed the love and emotions of indigenous people in the South Seas. For example, the cultural anthropology of Mangaian love presented the freedom of sexual intimacy and love … Continue reading

What Physical Attractiveness Tells about Personality Traits

We like to talk to and have a relationship with beautiful and physically attractive men and women. Their physical attractiveness is pleasant for interpersonal communication. What is their personality like? Do pleasant or unpleasant personality traits predispose us to perceive … Continue reading