gratitude and appreciation

Gratitude and Love in Cultural Perspective

Victor Karandashev

The grateful attitude and emotions toward other people and life are referred to as gratitude. When we express gratitude for what other people and life have given us, we experience several situational emotions. When we are grateful, thankful, and appreciative to someone […]

How Gratitude Changes Our Relationships

Victor Karandashev

Social bonding entails reciprocal giving and receiving. These actions are essential for the proper formation of obligations between individuals and the maintenance of interpersonal relationships within human communities. Because of this, gratitude clearly plays a vital role in interpersonal relationships. Recognizing and […]

How Gratitude Benefits Our Relationships

Victor Karandashev

Gratitude benefits are culturally normative in all major cultures, which encourage people to be grateful and express their gratitude to others. The cultural norms of gratitude have been highly valued across civilizations and cultures. In the ritual of “giving thanks,” people expressed […]