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What Happened After the Golden Age of Marriage?

Social scientists coined the term “golden age of marriage,“ referring to the period in the middle of the 20th century. In the 1950s and 1960s, the cultural ideology of “love marriage” and a number of marriages became popular and prevalent in many […]

How have marital relationships evolved in Mexican society

For years, Mexican society has been a collectivistic society, with strong family bonds and cultural values of “familism.” People‚Äôs selves were deeply imbedded in family relationships. And both men and women valued their strong connections with family. In traditional Mexican communities, marriages […]

It was the remarkable cultural evolution of Mexican love and marriage

Traditional collectivistic societies of the past had greatly interdependent social structures of relationships between people, in which extended families and clans were the major units of society. The strong position of a group was beneficial both for the group and everyone in […]

How Expressive Is the Culture of Intimacy in a Relationship

The feeling of intimate belonging fulfills people’s needs for intimacy. However, people can satisfy their need to belong in various ways in different cultures, depending on their norms. A distinction between collectivistic (interdependent) and individualistic (independent) values is especially important for our […]

Japanese Marital Intimacy

I noted in another article, “The Japanese Dating Culture of “Tsukiau” Relationships“, that men and women enjoy the tsukiau relationship to explore the freedom of intimate emotional and sexual relations. They do not feel any pressure or expectation to marry. Yet their […]

The Japanese Dating Culture of “Tsukiau” Relationships

This article describes the Japanese dating culture. It is evident in the cultural practices of “tsukiau” relationships between men and women. These are some kinds of romantic relationships with Japanese cultural characters. In another place, I consider when and how young Japanese […]